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We’ve established the ROyalty Sunshine Enterprise to allow the IP community to share IP licensing data to reduce litigation and licensing costs.
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A Revolution in IP Valuation
ROSE Database provides transparency and anonymity to facilitate valuations using royalty rates, technology categories and other comparable data from private patent licenses.
Symmetric Information Spurs Innovation
When licensors and licensees have accurate and symmetric information, negotiations can be completed with less litigation, more speed and lower barriers for small companies and start-ups to more frequently participate in the IP marketplace.
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Steps to Securely Contribute License Data and Obtain a ROSE Technology Scorecard

Collect Corporate and University Private Deal License Data

ROSE combines the important principles of Transparency, Reasonableness, Aggregated data and Non-Discriminatory (TRAND) collection of licensing data.


ROSE anonymized and de-identified synthetic data sets are carefully collected with regard to confidentiality clauses of license agreements in order to mask licensor/licensee identity.


By subscribing to ROSE database licensees/ defendants can address asymmetries in patent licensing information and obtain as much pricing and valuation information as patentees/plaintiffs/ licensors.


ROSE Technology Scorecard will measure the strength of each organization’s patent and licensing activity.


Find patent license royalty pricing comparables with ROSE in seconds— Easy as pricing a house!


The ROSE system provides a streamlined patent transaction marketplace that facilitates increased rates of technology transfer with lower transaction costs due to the use of large numbers of anonymized private deal license data.
crowd sourced license database
Patent License Data from Private Transactions

ROSE provides a TRANDsparency™ mechanism to facilitate public disclosure of royalty rates, technology categories and other comparable data from private patent licenses, greatly expediting IP price setting for third parties. When industries contribute license data using a TRANDsparency disclosure system, those companies set a level playing field and uniformity of shared pricing information in order to establish a pro-competitive environment where streamlined licensing transactions can be facilitated based on robust comparables data relied on to set fair pricing. The TRANDsparency system allows parties to determine that non-discriminatory (”ND”) commitments to provide FRAND terms are actually being complied with by licensors, because licensing data can be aggregated by SEP technology categories to compare pricing—while protecting licensor and licensee identities via the TRANDsparency anonymization protocol.

Custodians of license data that follow the ROSE TRANDsparency system protocol will receive a TRANDsparency™ certification for having provided over a two year period at least 50% of the custodian’s licensing data to ROSE (in an anonymized and de-identified manner), according to non-discriminatory selection methods and a sufficient level of transparency to allow a licensee to confirm the reasonableness and non-discriminatory nature of the license terms being offered.

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The ROSE Technology Scorecard ranks an organization’s technology strength by establishing numerical scoring for licensing activity and patent portfolio content.  Such numerical scores provide benchmarking by industry segments and provides objective data regarding an organization’s capability to innovate and compete in its industry.  Submit your licensing data today in order to receive a complimentary ROSE Technology Scorecard for your industry.

Use of the ROSE database benefits licensors, licensees, defendants and plaintiffs by reducing licensing and litigation costs for all.

The ROSE database provides a solid pricing estimate that can be relied on by parties to quickly agree on a reasonable royalty rate for a license or damages in a litigation matter.

ROSE limits discovery, price exploration, allows earlier disclosure of damage theories and provides more accurate information for settlement discussions.

ROSE algorithm is used to quickly benchmark an organization’s licensing capabilities.  The algorithm considers more than 25 criteria regarding each license, each patent and the relevant industry and calculates a score that is harmonized according to industry benchmarking.

ROSE Database Benefits
Access the ROSE patent license database to obtain accurate and fair royalty rates.
National database of license data and royalty comparables
Anonymized private deal license data contributed by technology companies
ROSE database will greatly  lower licensing transaction  and litigation costs
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The EC supports a ROSE like database via the “creation of industry licensing platforms” providing “the maximum cumulative [royalty] rate that could be reasonably envisaged or expected.”

The FTC has recently indicated the need for a heightened level of transparency stating, “Baseline Principle: Companies should increase the transparency of their data practices[.]”

“Likewise, [patent litigation] measures that would limit discovery before preliminary motions together with provisions to ensure that such motions are decided in a timely manner would help alleviate the asymmetry problem. Furthermore, early disclosure of damages theories would flag potential legal issues for summary judgement motions and provide more information for settlement discussions. In general, any measures that reduce discovery burden and costs while ensuring discovery of information appropriate to the case should be considered.”

FTC Study, PAE Activity October 6, 2016
Click here to see how ROSE meets the call by the European Commission for SEP Licensing Platform
When we join together as members of the IP community and share licensing data via Royalty Sunshine Enterprise (ROSE), we level the playing field and reduce litigation and licensing transaction costs for everyone.
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